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Sept 9th Hail, Caesar!
USA/UK 2016 Dirs: Ethan & Joel Coen Genre: Comedy
Cert 12A 106 mins
Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton
Set in 1950s Hollywood when the studios were in their heyday. The story follows a day in the life of ‘fixer’ Ed Mannix (Brolin) who has to retrieve famous actor Baird Whitlock (Clooney) after he has been kidnapped while filming the next big blockbuster ‘Hail, Caesar!’ A sinister group called ‘The Future’ is holding Whitlock ransom for $100,000, and it’s up to Mannix to get him back. Then things get worse…

Sept 23rd Truman
Spain / Argentina 2016 Dir: Cesc Gay Genre: comedy /drama
Cert: 15 108 mins Subtitles
Javier Camar, Dolores Fonzi, Ricado Darin
On hearing of the illness of his old friend Tomas, college professor Julian, flies from Canada for what may be a final meeting. Julian, however, is more concerned about the welfare of his old, faithful and large dog Truman, a touching, witty and poignant film about the meaning of friendship.

Oct 14th The Martian
US 2016 Dir: Ridley Scott Genre Sci-fi
Cert 12 144 mins
Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Kristen Wigg
Our first Sci-fi film and not before time. Mark Whatney (Damon) is left for dead on Mars as his fellow crew members head for home. He has the alarming prospect of a four year wait until the next mission arrives. Even with his ‘never say die’ philosophy his prospects for survival seem less than slim. On Earth political chicanery makes a hopeless situation worse.

Oct 28rd Our Kind of Traitor
UK 2016 Dir: Susanna White Genre Thriller
Cert: 15 108 mins
Ewan MacGregor, Naomie Harris, Damian Lewis, Stellan Skarsgard
A casual encounter with the charismatic Russian, Dima (Skarsgard) on a Moroccan holiday is the start of a nightmare for academic Perry (McGregor) and his wife and Gail (Harris). The couple find themselves lured into the Russian oligarch’s plans to defect, and are soon positioned between the Russian Mafia and the British Secret Service, neither of whom they can trust.
Script by John Le-Carre.

Nov 11th Mustang
Turkey 2016 Dir: Deneze Gamze Erguven Genre: Drama
Cert 15 97 mins subtitles
Günes Sensoy, Doga Zeynep Doguslu, Tugba Sunguroglu
Early summer in a village in northern Turkey, Lale and her four sisters when walking home from school, are seen playing innocently with some boys. In the deeply conservative village their actions provoke a scandal. As a result their family home is progressively transformed into a prison; instruction in homemaking replaces school and marriages start being arranged. The five sisters who share a common passion for freedom, find ways of getting around the constraints imposed on them. Moving and haunting, the film was nominated for an Oscar, picked up awards at Cannes and a Cesar in France.

Nov 25th Room
USA 2016 Dir Lenny Abrahamson Genre: Drama
Cert: 15 118 mins
Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Joan Allen, William H Macy
Ma (Larson) and her five year old son Jack (Tremblay) live in a 10×10 foot room, held kidnap by the psychotic Nick. Ma has created a complete universe for her son who has known no other reality. Jack’s birthday acts as the occasion for a daring escape plan, ultimately bringing them face-to-face with what may turn out to be the scariest thing yet: the real world. Brie Larson deservedly won the best actress Oscar for her portrayal of a woman who will stop at nothing to give her son a fulfilling life. A truly moving and remarkable film.

Dec 9th Kinky Boots
UK 2005 Dir: Julian Jarrold Genre: Comedy drama
Cert 12A 107 mins
Chiwetel Ejiofor, Joel Edgerton, Sarah-Jane Potts
When Charles Price (Edgerton) takes over the family shoe business at the death of his overbearing father he finds he has inherited a failing business saddled with debts. A chance encounter with Lola (Ejiofor) a, flamboyant drag queen, gives him the idea to save the business by manufacturing men’s fetish footwear. Lola can supply the designs but how can he convince his family let alone his employees that this is a good idea? A delightful film following in the tradition of ‘The Full Monty.’

Wednesday December 28th Mostly Martha 6.30 for 7.00
Germany / Italy 2001 Dir: Sandra Nettlebeck
Cert PG 109 mins subtitles.
Martina Gedeck, Maxime Foerste, Sergio Castellitto
Keeping with the restaurant theme we move to Germany. Martha Klein is the undisputed supreme ruler of the kitchen staff and woe to any customer who would dare criticize her cooking. Her life is firmly centered around cooking which she pursues with stubborn single mindedness. All that changes when her sister dies in a car accident, leaving her 8 year old daughter, Lina. Martha takes her niece in and while making enquiries for her estranged father, she struggles to care for this stubbornly headstrong child. Meanwhile at work, a new chef named Mario is hired on and Martha feels threatened by this unorthodox intruder.
The screening falls outwith the membership and tickets will be available at the box-office on film nights. As well as the film the audience will be served a three course meal before the screening prepared by Dave and Karen McCormack
Tickets are £20 and the audience is limited to 50 so book early.

Jan 13th Spotlight
USA 2016 Dir: Tom McCarthy Genre Crime Drama
Cert: 15 128 mins
Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber
The true story of how journal-ists on the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church and the Boston Establishment to its core.

Jan 27nd Belleville Redezvous
France 2003 Dir Sylvain Chomet Genre Cartoon Comedy
Cert: 12 78 mins Subtitles
Michèle Caucheteux, Jean-Claude Donda, Michel Robin
When her grandson is kidnapped during the Tour de France, Madame Souza and her beloved pooch Bruno team up with the Belleville Sisters–an aged song-and-dance team from the days of Fred Astaire-to rescue him. One of the greatest cartoons of all time in Chomet’s inimitable style, a joy from beginning to end.

Feb 10th Searching For Sugarman

South Africa / USA 2012 Genre: Music Documentary
Dennis Coffey, Mike DeMaggio

Dir: Malik Bendjelloul

Cert 12A 86 mins

In the 1970s an American singer Sixto Rodriguez became a cult hero for young white South Africans fighting Apartheid, he was bigger than the Beatles. He released two albums and then disappeared. Rumours of his death circulated around his fans. Years later Dennis Coffey a fan and music journalist tries to find what happened to ‘Sugarman’ only to find no one in America seems to remember him. A remarkable story about the shallowness of fame and one that is more than a documentary.

Feb 24th The Girl on the Train

USA 2016
Cert: 15
Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux

Dir: Tate Taylor Genre: Mystery /Thriller 112 mins

The life of divorcee Rachel(Emily Blunt) is slowly unravelling. Drinking too much and acting irresponsibly she becomes ob-
sessed by a young family she regularly sees from the train on her way to work. They are the ideal family that she wanted for herself. One evening she leaves the train at their stop and wakes up next morning covered in blood with no recollections of the night before. A wonderful psychological thriller in the tradition of Hitchcock.

Mar 10th Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

Genre: Romance / Drama

Dir: Sijie Dai
110 mins subtitles

China 2002
Cert 12A
Xun Zhou, Kun Chen, Ye Liu.

During the Cultural Revolution two ‘bourgeois’ students, Ma and Lou, are sent for a Maoist re-education into the mountains. There they fall in love with the village tailor’s granddaughter. Using a cache of forbidden books of European literature left by a previous stu- dent they set about to woo her and educate her. They start a journey that takes all three into a new world. Based on Sijie Dai’s semi -biographical novel of the same name.

March 24th Café Society

USA 2016 Dir: Woody Allen Genre Comedy / Romance Cert: 12A 96 mins
Kristen Stewart, Steve Carrel, Jesse Eisenburg, Sheryl Lee

Set in 1930s America, Bobbie (Eisenberg) is sent to California by his mother to work for his uncle Phil Stern, a mover and shaker in Hollywood. Stern gets his secretary Vonnie (Stewart) to look after the callow youth. He falls in love but she has boyfriend, but of course nothing is that simple. Allen’s love of the 30s shines through in a film that is nostalgic and elegant but not sentimental.

April 14th The Olive Tree

Spain 2016
Cert 15
Anna Castillo, Javier Gutiérrez, Pep Ambròs

Dir: Iciar Bollain Genre: Drama 100 mins subtitles

In her latest film director Iciar Bollain (Take My Eyes) pitches a disenfranchised young woman, Alma, against the cold military efficiency of the corporate world. As a child Alma witnesses the selling and removal of their family’s ancient olive tree around which she played with her grandfather Ramon. Ten years on Ramon visits the site of the tree everyday but refuses to communicate with his fam ily. Alma traces the tree to Dusseldorf where it sits in the foyer of a global corporation. With no plan, Alma travels to Germany vowing to return the tree to Ramon.

April 28th Tale of Tales

Dir: Matteo Garrone Genre: Drama / Fantasy 133 mins

Italy / UK 2015
Cert 15
Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel, Toby Jones, Shirley Henderson

Based on three folk tales collected by Giambattista Basile in the thirteenth century we are invited into a fantastic world of giant fleas, ogres, a vengeful queen, and mysterious sisters who entrance a king. Director Matteo Garrone masterfully intertwines three folk tales into a tale of contemporary resonance on love, duty and the loss of youth. Touching, amusing and bizarre in turns the film is gorgeous to look at and not at all like the stories you were told at your grandma’s knee.

May 12th Les Cowboys

France 2016 Dir: Thomas Bidigain Genre Thriller / Drama Cert: 15 104 mins
François Damiens, Finnegan Oldfield, Agathe Dronne

Alain Balland, a white goods salesman living to the north of Paris, likes playing at cowboys at weekends. At a western themed festival
his teenage daughter goes missing. Alain and his son Georges aredetermined to solve her disappearance, but in the process the heroic western narrative they attempt to employ becomes ridiculous, trivial and ultimately self-destructive. A profound movie about conflict in the contemporary world and how we deal with it.

May 26th Everything is Illuminated

Dir Live Schreiber Genre Comedy /drama 106mins Some Subtitles

USA 2005
Cert: 12a
Elijah Wood, Eugene Hutz, Boris Leskin, Laryssa Lauret

Jonathon, a young Jewish American, flies to the Ukraine to trace his grandfather’s past. He has a photograph and the name of a village, He hires Odessa Heritage Tours, made up of a gruff old man and his English speaking grandson. The three, plus grandfather’s deranged dog, travel in an old car from Odessa into Ukraine’s heart in search of the village of Tochenbrod. The comedic landscape of cultural misunderstandings between the three travelling companions slowly darkens as they close in on the Jonathon’s grandfather’s past and the events of 1941

June 9th I, Daniel Blake. 7.00

A Free Extra Film

Ken Loach requested that this film be screened by community cinemas with a concessionary licence.

There will be no charge for this film.

UK 2016
Cert 15
Dave Johns, Hayley Squires, Sharon Percy

Dir: Ken Loach Genre: Drama 100 mins

The winner of the Palme D’Or at Cannes this year I, Daniel Blake underlines Loach as a great film-maker prepared to make the case for the marginalised and ignored in our celebrity-obsessed world.
The eponymous Blake a 59 year old carpenter recovering from a heart attack, befriends a single mum and her two kids as they navigate their way through the Kafkaesque impersonal benefits system. With equal amounts of humour, warmth and despair the film is heartfelt and emotional until the end.

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