homegame 7 – 2010

KC performing “J” from the live  album
“My  Nth Bit of Strange in Fourteen Years”
Films and Projection by us!!

Back at the start of December, we got a call from King Creosote (aka Kenny Anderson). He was interested in setting up a community cinema in the AIA Hall in Anstruther, and our common and good friend Liz Riches (Depute Leader of the Administration , Fife Council) had put him in touch with us, knowing our involvement with BFFS Scotland. (we’ve helped setup community cinemas in Crail, Milnathort, Leslie, Glenrothes and Leven over the past few years)

He then asked us if we would be interested in doing some projections during his performances at the Annual Fence Collective “Homegame” Festival, initially screening archive film and slides to accompany the performance.

Over the next month this developed into an interesting film project, ultimately involving 15 micro-movies as well as a composite 25 minute film of archive and new footage that became a integral part of KC’s seven performances of “My..th bit of strange in fourteen years”

King Creosote


My 2nd to 8th bits of strange in 14 years


The Micro Movies

These are short films lasting between 20 -60 secs and provide an introduction to each of the songs, sort of a visual cryptic clue to what the songs are about.

Several of the movies feature KC and his daughter Beth

Main Film – Kate’s Story

This is a 25 minute “mashup” of bits of B movies and other public domain footage, together with some original footage, to form a silent narrative film to accompany some of KC’s more adventurous soundscapes from the unreleased remix albums Harbour the Hillfolk and Red on Black.

The original footage features the acting talents of our very own Judith Fryer

and her daughter Kate, with a cameo appearance by Pete Marshall.

Other footage included vintage film of the East Neuk Railway (which we showed at our screening of “Young Victoria”) and aroused a fair amount of interest.

Press reaction

Both the Scotsman and the Herald gave the KCs performances five-star reviews – our films were described as “Arty” and “Darkly humorous”


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