Films for Kids


Every year, at the end of the Summer term, we make a film for Colinsburgh Primary School featuring the pupils of P7 who are about to move up to the Waid Academy.

These are screened for pupils and parents at the annual prize-giving on the last day of the Summer term.

Our problem has always been in providing DVD copies of the films to parents as keep-sakes: DVD is an outdated and problematic technology, and creating multiple copies, which have a habit of getting lost and damaged, is time-consuming and expensive.

We’ve decided to change the method by which we provide access to the films after their “Gala Screenings” to one which is more modern, easier to implement, better quality, and available on all current internet-enabled platforms.

From the perspective of Privacy and Child protection, this method has to include a measure of security, while still being flexible enough to allow parents and family to stream and download the source films and burn them to DVD/Blu-Ray should they wish.

So we’re using  the parents and families of the current Class of 2015, as guinea pigs: Your feedback will help us design a secure, but flexible delivery system for the future.

The new system will allow you to stream the films on all internet-connected devices: TV, Computer, Tablet, Games machines, Smartphones etc.

To see the 2015 films, email us at : and we’ll provide you with a link and a password to watch them.


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