Africa in Motion Film Festival – Madame Brouette (2002)

Senegal 2002

Saturday, November 6th  7.30 pm (subtitled)

104 mins

Cert: 15

The evening starts at 7.00 pm on  Saturday November 6th with the short film ‘La Metaphore du Manioc’ (The Cassava Metaphor) by Lionel Meta.

The main film is the contemporary classic ‘Madame Brouette’ by Moussa Sene Abas. Both films will be introduced by Stephanie Van de Peer of Stirling University. Between the screenings of the films there will be a storytelling session by the Kenyan/ Scottish storyteller Mara Menzies. Tickets £4 and £2 for students and the unwaged.

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Focusing on the plight of poor Senegalese women, Madame Brouette follows the story of one such woman who has decided to take matters into her own hands on multiple occasions. Single mother Mati (Rokhaya Niang) toils daily by selling various goods at a nearby market, which she transports there via a large wheelbarrow — prompting local residents to dub her “Madame Brouette.” Having sworn off men since divorcing her abusive husband, Mati’s example persuades her best friend Ndaxte (Kadiatou Sy) to also leave her thuggish husband. Mati’s vow toward men gets temporarily put on hold once she meets slick-talking policeman Naago (Aboubacar Sadikh Ba) and the pair begin a wild fling. Mati grows increasingly aware of Naago’s corruption — as well as his penchant for womanizing — just about the same time she realizes she’s pregnant with his child. As Naago and Mati’s relationship turns sour, Mati is forced to take matters into her own hands once again, but Naago’s criminal activities increasingly put Mati and her family’s lives in danger — forcing the determined woman to take drastic measures to save her family. by Ryan Shriver, All Movie Guide

Key Cast: Rokhaya Niang, Aboubacar Sadikh Ba, Kadiatou Sy, Ndeye Seneba Seck, Ousseynou Diop, Akela Sagna, Ibramhima Mbaye, Moustapha Niang

Director: Moussa Sene Absa


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