Mister Chocolat (2016)

3 11 2017

Nov 10th “Mister Chocolat” 7.30 @ Colinsburgh Town Hall

 Dir: Roschdy Zem

France 2016
Cert: 12A

Starring: Omar Sy, James Thierrée, Clotilde Hesme, Noemie Lovosky


In Belle Epoch Paris at the end of the nineteenth century, Rafael Padill, (Omar Sy) stage name ‘Chocolat’ became the talk of the town in a clown duo with his partner George Footit. He took Paris by storm but there were those who preyed on his weaknesses to cut him down to size. A true story of the troubled life of a great artist who inspired Chaplin and Keaton and whose double act paved the way for Laurel and Hardy.




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