Everything is illuminated (2005)

19 05 2017

May 26th “Everything is Illuminated” 7.30 @ Colinsburgh Town Hall


Director: Liev Schreiber

Genre: Comedy /drama

Runtime: 106mins  – Some Subtitles

USA 2005
Cert: 12A
Starring: Elijah Wood, Eugene Hutz, Boris Leskin, Laryssa Lauret


Jonathan, a young Jewish American, flies to the Ukraine to trace his grandfather’s past.

He has a photograph and the name of a village. He hires “Odessa Heritage Tours”, made up of a gruff old man and his English speaking grandson. The three, plus grandfather’s deranged dog, travel in an old car from Odessa into Ukraine’s heart in search of the village of Tochenbrod.

The comedic landscape of cultural misunderstandings between the three travelling companions slowly darkens as they close in on the Jonathan’s grandfather’s past and the events of 1941




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