El Bano del Papa (2007)

1 01 2015

Jan 9th “El Bano Del Papa” 7.30 @ Colinsburgh Town Hall

Uruguay 2007
Director: César Charlone, Enrique Fernández
Runtime: 90 mins
Starring: César Troncoso, Virginia Méndez, Mario Silva

Beto is a poor man living in the poor village of Melo on the Brazilian Uruguay border. Like most men in his village he scratches a living carrying contraband across the border by pedal cycle. News of the impending visit of the Pope to Melo leads to a flurry of entrepreneurship as the locals, hoping not only for divine blessing but also a small share of material happiness, plan to provide fast food for the thousands of pilgrims who follow the Pope’s visit. Beto sees another gap in the market. A gentle wry comedy about hope and resilience in the face of poverty and bureaucracy.




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