Lore (2013)

10 02 2014


February 14th “Lore” 7.30 @ Colinsburgh Town Hall

Germany/UK 2013

Director: Cate Shortland
Cert :15

Runtime: 105 mins (sub-titled)
Starring: Saskia Rosendahl, Kai-Peter Malina, Nele Trebs
Stranded with her younger siblings after their Nazi parents are imprisoned, Lore leads the remains of her family across war-torn Germany in 1945. To survive the children must reach their Grandmother’s house in the North but amidst the chaos of a defeated nation, Lore meets a young Jewish refugee called Thomas. In order to survive Lore must learn to trust a person she has been taught to hate. And as the consequences of her parent’s actions and beliefs become apparent, Lore must also start to face the darkness within herself.



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Other News

Bose L1This is the Bose L1 compact: It’s a revolutionary new design for speakers. The base unit handles the low frequencies, and the pole radiates the higher frequencies.  It’s effectively a miniaturised Linear Array, which means that the sound is not dispersed upwards, but is radiated out from a central point by angled speakers, creating a virtual flat ceiling, and preventing the uncontrollable reflections that have given us all the problems with dialogue clarity..

The nice people at Bose are loaning us two of these systems to try on Friday in a Live situation, and we’d like you to tell us what you thought after the show.




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