27 01 2013


Samsung Olympic Pledge Everest Expedition

On the 25th May 2012, Keith Partridge, (EMMY winner for ‘Outstanding Cinematography 2012’) alongside mountaineer Kenton Cool fulfilled an 88 year old promise by delivering an Olympic gold medal to the highest point on earth.  The medal was one of those awarded to the 1922 British Everest Expedition at the 1924 Olympics in Chamonix for their outstanding achievements high on the slopes of Mount Everest.

At the medal ceremony it was pledged that one of the medals would be taken to the summit at the next opportunity and that nothing would be spared to make this happen.  Unfortunately the ‘Pledge’ was lost to history…


Kenton and long standing friend Rich Robinson unearthed the story and with superb support from Samsung we were able to bring closure to the massive achievements of the ’22 expedition.  The expedition was documented in full HD video, pictures and word by Keith Partridge and Kenton Cool.  Both were then Olympic Torch bearers in London the day before the London 2012 Olympics opened.  Promises are worth keeping.


Feb 8th Keith Partridge ‘On Everest’ 7.30
Scotland 2012 Dir Keith Partridge
Cert U Approx 120 mins

While the rest of us were watching the Olympics in the comfort of our living rooms intrepid explorer and local hero Keith Partridge was helping mountaineer Kenton Cool fulfil an Olympic Pledge by climbing Mount Everest.

In 1924 the members of a British Expedition to climb Mount Everest were awarded Olympic medals. The members of the expedition made a promise to take one of the medals to the top of Mount Everest. The pledge was forgotten until 2012 when Kenton Cool decided to scale the mountain with one of the medals. He chose Keith to accompany him and film the attempt. With stunning photographs and film clips, Keith will give a talk in his inimitable style on the dangers and triumphs of the climb. Not to be missed.

Please note:

Ticket price for this event is £6.00 and space is limited

You can pre-book and reserve tickets by calling 01333 340360.




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