After the Gold Rush…

18 12 2012

Ho Ho Ho! and a Merry Xmas to all our readers…

…It  was a dark and stormy night, as Snoopy the novelist used to write…

…but the 72 hardy souls who turned out to see “the Gold Rush” were greeted with mulled wine and mince pies, (as well as our normal selection of non-festive beverages) and a liquorice bootlace with a raffle ticket attached.

Film buffs will know that in the film, Charlie eats his boots, sucking the “meat” off the nails, and twirling the laces like spaghetti. The boots in the film were actually made of liquorice (causing Charlie to be hospitalised, as he was diabetic).

Our laces were supplied by Jim and Myra Bell, and the boot itself was made by Dave and Karen McCormack of “Sucre Coeur” in Colinsburgh.   As you’ll see from the pic below, it was incredibly realistic, complete with flapping sole and  exposed tacks!


Have a look at their website  – if you a need a special cake for that special occasion…

The cake was later raffled and won by Lindsay Wardrop.


Live musical accompaniment was by the amazing Mr. Dave Watt on  two keyboards, harmonica, banjo and swannee whistle…

Thanks to all who came to a great event – we’re already making plans for next year!





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