Guerilla Film School Update

15 08 2012


The Guerrilla Film School ran again this year from the YMCA in Glenrothes. Students are aged from 14 to 18 and are instructed in scriptwriting and the use of inexpensive cameras and editing suites. The aim is to equip the students with the knowledge and skills to be able to make their own affordable movies. The school ran an Easter Week and a weekend course.
This year we have had the great satisfaction to see two of the stalwarts of the School Caitlin Sneddon and Max McLaughlin go on to higher education in associated fields. This September Caitlin starts  studying media at Sunderland University, specializing in radio and Max starts a drama course at the Royal Welsh Academy of Music and Drama.

This year we finished three films ‘Fall From Eden New Park’ a project for ‘First Light Films’ and at our Easter School ‘Bob in Bed’ (an exercise in how to make a film when torrential rain prevents outside locations) and ‘Ghost Story’. In the latter we discussed an idea drawn from Altman’s ‘Prairie Home Companion’ about death coming to comfort the living. Armed with two cameras the students went off for a day and came back with footage which was then edited. All three films were shown at the Glenrothes YMCA AGM and will be shown at the Colinsburgh Community Cinema this coming season.
We also had a film made last year entitled ‘Perfect Sunday’ short listed for the Ken Loach Short Film Award ‘Between the Lines. Caitlin Sneddon, the directorr and Craig Young, the cameraman, went to London in November for the award ceremony





Through contacts via the Guerrilla Film School we were asked by the Theatre Workshop Scotland to assist with screening of their film ‘The Happy Lands’  in three community venues.

The screenings were the culmination of a project started three years ago and involved some of the actors from the Guerrilla Film School.

The project told the story of the miners’ strike of 1926 drawing from the historical records and recollections of the ex-mining community in Fife. Directed by Robert Rae and produced by Helen Trew (with producer- mentor Tony Garnett) the film used actors and locations from the ex-mining communities in Fife. The local communities not only provided the story and the actors but also were heavily involved in designing sets and providing props. The film is to be shown on BBC Scotland in the autumn. We provided the screening kit and helped organize three initial screenings one in each of the community centres in High Valleyfield, Kelty, and Benarty;  the three ex-mining communities that were involved in making the films. Here’s the trailer






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