News Update: Everest

23 05 2012

We’re now into our official Summer Shut-Down – back in September with “The Artist” as our Season 5 opener.

Camaraman Keith Partridge, who gave a talk recently on filming in extreme conditions (Touching the Void) hinted at the time that he might have something “a bit special” coming up…

He’s currently at camp 4 , nearly 8000m up Everest with Kenton Cool, fulfilling the Olympic medal pledge made in 1924. They set out for the summit early on Friday – where they will be broadcasting live on the internet.

You can read more about the expedition here:

and follow Keith on Facebook here:

Keith Partridge tackles the Lohtse Face this morning and breaks his own altitude record to reach 7950m. Tweet your support at

Stay tuned for the other things we’ll be getting up to over the Summer though, news here as it happens…




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