Pomegranates and Myrrh (2009)

11 02 2012

Fri Feb 24th Pomegranates and Myrrh
@ Masonic Hall 7.30

Germany / Palestine 2009 Dir: Najwa Najjar
Cert 12

95 mins (subtitles)
Yasmine Elmasri, Hiam Abbas, Walid Abdul Salam, Yosuf Abu Wardeh

Set in Ramallah free spirited Kamar marries Zaid, the son of a prosperous olive farmer. On a pretext their land is confiscated and occupied by Israeli settlers and Zaid is thrown into prison. To cope with the stress of her husband’s imprisonment, Kamar returns to her traditional Palestinian dance classes in preparation for a special performance. At the class she finds herself  attracted to the new choreographer Kais.

Written and di-rected by Najwa Najjar this is a moving story of redemption set in one of the world’s most divided regions. It contains a wonderful cameo performance by Hiam Abbas (The Visitor) as a feisty café owner.


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