Bread and Tulips (2005)

6 01 2012

Friday 13th January 7.30 (at the Masonic Hall)

Runtime: 114 minutes

Cert: 12

Italy 2005

Starring: Licia Maglietta, Bruno Ganz Guiseppe Battiston

Dir: Silvio Soldini

A quiet Italian gem.

Housewife Rosalba is abandoned (forgotten) by her husband and and sons while on a family bus trip. After waiting for some hours, she decides to hitch home rather than wait for them to remember she was with them. On her return journey she decides on a short vacation in Venice to teach them a lesson, and one thing leads to another.

A gentle witty tale about being appreciated and finding love.

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The new Brochure is available here!


A Word from our Chairman…

Dear Members and Friends

Happy New Year

As is usual at this time a year, a quick note to accompany the brochure for the second half of the season.

The first eight films of the current season have been a success. Audiences have been higher than last year and the button votes have been encouraging. ‘Made in Dagenham’ and ‘The King’s Speech’ scored well but nothing prepared us for the success of Buster Keaton’s ‘The General’. The film attracted by far our biggest audience ever with 85 people braving the cold weather to see the film. Fortified with mulled wine and mince pies we settled down to a fantastic evening with the film coming to life to Dave Watt’s marvellous piano accompaniment. The success of the evening was underlined by the button vote, a remarkable 4.98 out of 5. Dave has agreed to accompany another silent film next year. Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Gold Rush’ is an early front runner.

We could afford the live piano accompaniment due to the generosity of Fife Council who are helping to fund our mini-season of ‘Film Extra’. The General was the first of three films they have agreed to support. The idea is to screen a film but to provide an added dimension. The second film in this series is ‘Touching the Void’ the remarkable climbing docu-drama about Joe Simpson’s near death experience climbing in the Andes. If you have ever watched climbing films and thought, ‘the climbing looks difficult enough, how on earth do they film it?’ Well we will be able to supply the answer. To introduce the film we have Keith Partridge’ the chief cameraman for the film who lives locally, to give a talk about filming in extreme conditions. The film will be screened on Friday February the 10th.

Our final film in the mini-series is ‘Cadillac Records’ the history of the Chess Blues record label. This will screen on Saturday 19th of May and will be part of a weekend of Blues with ‘The Blues Review’ playing in Colinsburgh Town Hall the night before.

Our next screening on Jan the 13th is the charming ‘Bread and Tulips’ an Italian romantic comedy that was voted their favourite film of last year by Bathgate Community Cinema. Other highlights are ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ and ‘The Help’ both of which are garnering Oscar interest. My own favourite is the moving ‘Pomegranates and Myrrh’ a Palestinian film about the difficulties of love under occupation.

One important change to our usual arrangements is our move to the Masonic Hall from January 13th to March the 9th. This has been necessitated due to the refurbishment of the Town Hall.

We hope that you enjoy the rest of the season and look forward to seeing you.


Peter Marshall
CCC Chair


We also have a number of unmissable events coming up in the next few weeks-

Friday January 20th at the Masonic Hall:

Rhythm and Blues Revue 3: Featuring Jed Potts and the Hillman Hunters, the Bel Airs and your Hosts Cynthia Gentle and the TrueTones!

Friday January 27th at the Masonic Hall:

“Once upon a time in the West” – the classic Sergione Leone western.

Friday February 3rd at the Masonic Hall:

They’re back! From PEI, Canada, Demon Fiddler Richard Wood and Gordie Belsher, with Sandy Stanage and guests.

Friday February 10th at the Masonic Hall:

FILM EXTRA #2 “Touching the Void” – including an illustrated lecture by Cameraman KEITH PARTRIDGE about filming in extreme conditions




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