Archipelago (2011)

28 09 2011

Friday Oct 14th @ 7.30

Runtime: 100 minutes

Cert: 15

UK 2010

Starring: Tom Hiddleston , Kate Fahey, Lydia Leonard
Director:  Joanna Hogg

A stylish second film from a new British director, Joanna Hogg. Set in the Scilly Isles, Patricia, a doting mother, organises a family holiday for her son, Edward, who is about to go to Africa to work for an NGO.

While waiting for the arrival of their father, Edward and his sister Cynthia, accompanied by Patricia and an artist employed to give mother and daughter painting lessons, go on walks and picnics.

The hiatus provided by the holiday allows tensions to come to the fore. Visually challenging and innovative, (it has been described as painting with light) Archipelago is a subtle and absorbing study of family rivalries and frustrations in people who have forgotten how to communicate.

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