The Last Station (2010)

10 05 2011

Thursday 12th May @ 7.30

Runtime: 112 minutes

Cert: 15

UK 2010

Starring: Helen Mirren Christopher Plummer, James McAvoy
Director: Michael Hoffman

Set during the last months of the life of Leo Tolstoy, ‘The Last Station’ recounts the bitter struggle for the literary legacy and estate of the great novelist. The cold revolutionary Chertkov battles with Countess Sofya Tolstoy for the wealth of Tolstoy’s considerable literary estate, while the great man just wishes to die peacefully. The conflict seen through the eyes of the idealist Valentin Bulgakov, is a brilliant meditation on the conflict between idealism and life.

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This will be held in the Galloway Library, Colinsburgh at 7:00 on Friday 13th May.

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