Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher with King Creosote and Sandy Stanage

18 04 2011

OK, so it’s not a film, but we thought you’d be miffed if we didn’t invite you.

 Some of you may have met Charlene Belsher from Prince Edward Island, Canada during King Creosote’s “World Tour of Fife”. Her husband Gordon was over playing Celtic Connections with demon fiddler Richard Wood.
Well, they’re back playing a string of gigs in the South, and Pete & Marion have invited them up to stay for a few days before they head back home.

Because Charlene enjoyed the “World Tour” so much – she suggested a return match in the Galloway Library. So there you have it.

Featuring Richard Wood and Gordon Belsher, King Creosote (and possibly Captain Geeko), Sandy Stanage (Scotland’s finest traditional guitarist) and possibly more…

Just turn up at the door – Entry by donation to cover Richard and Gordon’s travelling expenses (folding money preferred). Bring your own refreshments…

Richard Wood and Gordon Belsher in 2010…

…continuing the Canadian connection,  Sandy Stanage playing “Laughing in her Sleep” by the late Canadian Fiddler Oliver Schroer

King Creosote




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