Everlasting Moments(2009)

15 10 2010

Norway 2009

Friday October 29th  7.30 pm (subtitled)

130 mins

Cert: 15

Set in Norway at the turn of the last century, Maria, a young working class housewife, wins a camera in a lottery. When her husband’s drunken fecklessness brings the family close to destitution, she tries to sell it. She is persuaded by Mr. Pederson of the camera shop, to keep it and to try it out. The camera grants her the eyes to see the world anew and come to terms with her hard life.

Starring: Maria Heiskanen, Mikael Persbrandt,

Director: Jan Troell


Find Out More at: th e internet movie database

Film Website: http://www.iconmovies.co.uk/everlasting_moments/

Furry friends and facilities

Some of you may have noticed we had a very special guest at our last screening on October 14th – “Jazz”,  a guide dog puppy in training. Jazz is being trained by some good friends of ours, Caitlin and Ciaran Sneddon, members of the Guerilla Film School, and also the presenters of the “Chip and Bink” (don’t ask!) Show on KTOWN FM.

We thought that this might be a useful opportunity to remind you of the facilities we can provide for visitors in the Town Hall, to make your visit as safe and comfortable as possible:

Off-street parking: The playground of Colinsburgh Primary School adjacent to the Town Hall is available for off-street parking during screenings.

Access: The Hall has level access (no stairs or ramps), and even boasts a covered portico where wheelchairs/walking aids etc can be unloaded and set up, and patrons can be dropped off/picked up. 

Note: As this area is also used by ourselves for loading/unloading, please contact us in advance if you you would like access – 01333 340360/340410.

Toilets: The hall has wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities.

Induction loop: We have an induction loop, however, as this is not a permanent installation in the hall, please contact us in advance so we can set it up and test it.

Guide dogs etc: We welcome Guide dogs and puppies in training.




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