17 11 2008

As you know we take our audience’s opinions into account when deciding on future programming.  One of the ways we assess how much you liked a film,  is through “button scoring”.

After each film, you are encouraged to take part by dropping a voting button into the appropriate container. These are later counted, and a weighted average is calculated to arrive at a score (5= Excellent), which will now be published alongside the film preview.

Recent scores include “The Painted Veil” at 4.85, “The Kite Runner at 4.80 and “The Good German” which, despite the talents of Cate Blanchett and George Clooney only managed a disappointing 3.2.

Button Voting gives us a good idea if we’re getting the programming right for our audience, so please remember to vote!

(PS – The “polling booth” is situated right beside the complimentary refreshments, so you can’t miss it!)




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